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fen-omenal events [architecture-design; LA/SD]
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new events, openings:
[weekly events]

Wednesday, May 2nd; 630 pm [LA]
lecture: 'Jurij Sadar'

Wednesday, May 2nd; 630 pm [LA]
exhibit: 'Woodbury Student Exhibit'

Saturday, May 5th; _ pm [San Diego]
event: 'Richard Requa Private Lecture and Tour'

Saturday, May 5th; 10 am- 3 pm [San Diego]
event: 'Mansions-Castles-Haciendas'

Sunday, May 6th; 820 pm [LA]
event: 'Pecha-Kucha Night'


[weekly events]

Monday, May 7th ; 630 pm [LA]
lecture: 'Edwin Chan'

Tuesday, May 8th; 6 pm [San Diego]
lecture: 'Laura Birns, ASID'


[weekly events]

Friday, May 18th ; 6 pm [LA]
lecture: 'Learning from San Diego'

Friday, May 18th ; 6 pm [LA]
exhibit: 'Honda Advanced Design Center'

Friday, May 18th ; 6 pm [LA]
exhibit: 'The Dragonfly'

Friday, May 18th ; 7-10 pm [LA]
event: 'ForumFest V'

Saturday, May 19th; 930-1130 am [San Diego]
lecture: 'Impact of the Broadway Complex'


[weekly events]

Tuesday, June 12th; 6 pm [San Diego]
lecture: 'Buster Simpson'


[weekly events]

Sunday, June 17th; 11 am- 5 pm [San Diego]
event: 'Hubbell Open House'


[weekly events]

Saturday, July 10th; 6 pm [San Diego]
lecture: 'Steve Badanes, AIA'


[weekly events]

Saturday, July 27th; 6 pm [San Diego]
exhibit: 'Hodgetts + Fung'


[weekly events]

Saturday, August 14th; 6 pm [San Diego]
lecture: 'Michael S. Wishkoski, AIA'


[weekly events]

Saturday, September 11th; 6 pm [San Diego]
lecture: 'David Alan Kopec, PhD, AIA'


[weekly events]

Saturday, October 9th; 6 pm [San Diego]
lecture: 'Tary Arterburn, ASLA'


[weekly events]

Saturday, November 13th; 6 pm [San Diego]
lecture: 'Stephen Kieran, FAIA'