Monday, July 10, 2006


Reality vision: [as seen in Echo Park] At this gallery in Silverlake [Machine Project], there is a secret room 'in' the floor, which affords trans-temporal-dimensional (trans-stratigraphic) visions.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

MIDI Scrapyard Challenge

My materials, ready to go to the 'MIDI Scrapyard Challenge' workshop, to be held at Machine Project in LA tomorrow. This workshop has a couple of variants (other include 'clothing' and 'urban intervention'), and is held at international design conferences every couple of months (in 2005, they were at SIGGRAPH, and in August 2006, at ISEA-06). I'm supposed to show up with 'junky-Duchampian' materials at 10 am. Then, in the following 9 hours, all of us workshop participants will build tool-instruments with embedded microchips and sensors. At 7 pm, we perform in public, in a presentation of these instruments. All this has great architectural potential.

And here are some images of the day-lang workshop (we made a tea pot-and-kettle sound-connected kit, sound-tortured toy bunny, musical chair, sound-conductive fabric, and various 'spinning things'):